The Basics

In order to use the software fundamentally, there is some basic information which an user must know. Here are the following things which includes:

  • What 1audit is and how it can assist users in completing their audits
  • Browser and connection compatibility to use 1audit effectively
  • Connection requirements for the use of 1audit
  • Compatible devices for accessing 1audit
  • Basic rules for 1audit
  • How secure is 1audit


After reading and applying all the information available in the Help Centre and, an user will be able to:

  • Login to 1audit and update his/her and also his/her firm along with the personal settings.
  • Add new member and even revoke or change the access right of the members within your firm.
  • Accessing, Navigating, customizing and using all widgets on the Dashboard will be possible.
  • You will be able to add new Clients, update Client details and Access the Client List too.
  • Create and access new audit files.
  • For efficient and effective completion of audits by utilising all basic and advanced functions and features in the Work Paper Index.
  • In order to guide the audit team through audit process, view, edit and use the Workflow Diagram.
  • Mark audit files as complete, archive to store and lock down the files.
  • Handle and customize programs, Work Paper Index, checklists and review points features.

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